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ac repairMost homes in the Charlotte, N.C. area have AC units because of the subtropical, humid climate in the region. So having an AC repair company you can trust on speed dial is essential to your home’s air quality and comfort. Sometimes the problem with your AC is it’s simply not cool enough. But there are a plethora of additional issues that could very well require our highly skilled and trained AC repair technicians’ attention. Our company, Metro HVAC Repair, are premier AC repair professionals and can service all makes and models of AC units whether they are in-wall or centralized air units.

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There are several warning signs to be aware of if your AC unit is malfunctioning. The most obvious are it just quits working, or it’s not cooling the air appropriately. But also keep an eye out for when you hear strange noises and whirring sounds, if strange smells are emanating from your AC or it’s not cycling properly. Water leaks beyond normal condensation is another indicator something is amiss and of course if your units airflow is restricted because of coils that are frosting or icing over. A lot of times these issues can be corrected by AC repairs. That’s where Metro HVAC Repair can help as our Charlotte, N.C. AC repair experts can assess your issues.

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Metro HVAC Repair services the Charlotte, N.C. area with all your AC repair needs. We have a team of licensed, trusted and experienced AC repair technicians proficient in repair of all types of AC units. Call our experts 24/7, and one of our friendly and knowledgeable associates will set you up with a free, no-hassle consultation.

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