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air conditioning repairsYou don’t want your air conditioning in your Charlotte, N.C. home to fail on you, particularly with the subtropical climate that permeates the area. And whether you have in-wall air conditioning units or a central air conditioning unit, you can count on Metro HVAC Repair for the best air conditioning repairs in the area. Our team of certified, highly skilled and experienced air conditioning repair experts can provide service on any air conditioning unit your home may have. We provide preventive maintenance service, recommended for your wall or centralized units at least once a year. All of our services are also available on a 24/7 emergency basis.

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Besides the obvious problem of your wall or central air unit not cooling properly, what are some other problems that may require air conditioning repairs? Leaks are a common clue that something is amiss, as the water leaking out can cause other damage and even cause mold and mildew to begin to collect. The same goes with any strange noises like a wailing sound emanating from your unit. This could be a problem with the fan or motor, or maybe the bearings are malfunctioning. Also, check the coils, if they are frozen over, there could be some issues with the coolant not flowing properly.

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If you’ve noticed any of the above issues with your wall or centralized air conditioning unit in your Charlotte, N.C. home, you’ll need to contact Metro HVAC Repair. Our expertly trained and reliable air conditioning repair experts can handle any air conditioning problem you may have. Call 24/7 at (855) 494-0099 for a free, no-hassle consultation.

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