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North Carolina heating and coolingWith the wide array of heating and cooling units available on the market today, you need to find a company that services all makes and models. Metro HVAC Repair is a heating and cooling repair company that services residential and commercial clients throughout North Carolina . We have a staff of expert factory trained heating and cooling technicians proficient in the repair, replacement, installation and preventive maintenance of any brand and style you may have in your home. A properly maintained and functioning heating and cooling system will provide you with comfortable air quality and temperature as well as run efficiently in order to save you money.

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Does your heating and cooling system need constant repair? Does it make noises or simply doesn’t seem to be working correctly? Then you may need Metro HVAC Repair to come out and inspect your heating and cooling system of your North Carolina area home. Our factory trained experienced and dependable heating, and cooling technicians are proficient on all types of heating and cooling systems. We service systems like hybrid-heat split systems, split systems, ductless split systems, packaged systems and geothermal heat pump systems. By repairing your heating and cooling systems when they need it and having preventive maintenance done twice a year will keep your unit running efficiently year-round.

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Regardless of the type of heating and cooling system you may have, make sure you know who to call when you need repair or maintenance. Call Metro HVAC Repair 24/7, and one of our friendly and knowledgeable heating and cooling associates will be happy to provide you with a free, no-hassle consultation.

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A primary function of your home is to maintain a comfy environment for you to reside in. A crucial factor in determining comfort is the air temperature, and for this reason heating and cooling systems play a essential part in maintaining a comfy environment inside your home in North Carolina. Heating & cooling systems of various kinds have been utilized since ancient times, and are frequently taken for granted in modern-day times. But cooling and heating systems are something that you need to take a moment to understand. It will help you make better options when it comes to updating or installing a new system, or fixing your existing one.

There are three main parts in a heating and cooling system. The first is the heatpump, which adds or gets rid of heat from the air. The 2nd is the control system, which regulates the amount of heat to be added or gotten rid of. The third is the distribution system, which distributes the air which has been brought to the ideal temperature.

The heatpump consists of the air conditioning system and furnace. The air conditioner gets rid of heat, typically by utilizing phase altering coolants or refrigerants. The coolant is allowed to evaporate inside the heat pump, which makes it chillier than the environments.

It is then taken outside your home in North Carolina into a condenser. There, a compressor requires it to turn back into a liquid by applying pressure, and in that process, it heats up more than the surrounding air. This heat can then be removed by a fan and heat fin array. Then that cooled and compressed coolant is flowed back to the evaporator to repeat the process. This process utilizes electrical energy to pump heat out of your home in North Carolina. For heating, the heat pump uses a furnace. A furnace works simply by burning some sort of fuel such as wood or gas to produce heat. Modern electric furnaces produce heat by passing current through heating coils.

The control system exists to regulate the heat pump in order to keep the preferred temperature level. In the ancient heating systems used by the Greeks, the control mechanism was just people getting rid of wood or coal from the furnace when the temperature level was right.

Modern systems utilize a thermostat to regulate the temperature level. A thermostat utilizes a bimetallic strip that bends at recognized angles at specific temperatures. This property is utilized to regulate the heatpump.

The bimetallic strip may be connected to adjustable contact points so that it can begin the heating system or a/c unit at particular temperature levels. The innovative thermostats of today utilize solid state electronic thermometers connected to digital electronic devices to regulate the temperature.

heating and cooling technician in North CarolinaThe distribution system is responsible for making sure the temperature level is even throughout your home, and that the effect of the heatpump is brought throughout the house. Without it, any heating or cooling would only benefit only one small space at best. The most common heating system today is the forced air heater. In this system, the air coming from the heat pump, which is at the perfect temperature, is forced around your home using a blower fan and a series of ducts. Another example of a distribution system is the floor heater. This has remained in use since ancient times.

The ancient Greeks used this system, in which the hot air from the heating system was directed underneath the floor slab, which was raised a little from the ground. The warm floor heats the air just above it, and since hot air increases, it can equally spread out the heat around the room. Another system is the radiant system, where the heating system heats up water and the warm water is flowed into radiators constructed into walls and flooring. This heats up the floor and walls, radiating the heat into the room uniformly.

However, the heated flooring and radiant methods can be utilized when only heating is needed. As many individuals in North Carolina use a/c as well, only required air system is common for heating and cooling systems.

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